13 mei 2019

Why you should care about Flemish

Making sure your Dutch translation appeals to potential customers and business partners in Flanders as well as in the Netherlands can be a very smart decision. How smart? Find out here.
8 april 2019

Can machine translation save you money?

Cheap and fast translations through the use of artificial intelligence, ‘Post Editing Machine Translation’ or ‘enhanced translation processes’ - the marketing departments of large language service providers are adamant that machine translation, combined with human review, is the way to go. But is it? Can the use of machine translation really save you money?
6 maart 2019

How to talk to the Flemish and Dutch: 12 cultural differences you need to know about

If you have ever done business in Flanders and in the Netherlands, you’re sure to have noticed the Flemish and Dutch don’t do things in the same way. Perhaps it caught you by surprise. After all, they speak the same language. So, how unalike can they really be, and does it matter for your translations?
12 februari 2019

Are you paying a fair price for your translations?

When buying translations, you may feel that the price you are quoted is unreasonably high, compared to those great offers you get from cheap agencies that promise you the earth. And if you're a translator, you might be tempted to offer low rates to hook the clients in. But it’s a false economy. You’ll end up with impossible deadlines and ridiculous requirements. So, how much does good translation cost?
19 december 2018

Season’s greetings! Here’s how to pick the right one.

'Tis the season for sending your customers and business partners your heartfelt wishes. You’ve probably put some thought into finding the best expression to do this in English, but what do you wish your Dutch and Flemish audience? And does it carry the right message?